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Create a Stylish Home Office in a Limited Space

With more people working from home and the trend expected to continue, many who’ve been co-opting the kitchen table are looking for better ideas. 

From designers focused on meeting this need, here are four simple and workable ideas that won’t break the bank: 

  • Create a moveable work zone. Turn the area behind your sofa or in a corner of your bedroom into a comfy work space by day that knows its place in the evening. Start with a lightweight, sit-or-stand desk (many are now available at office furnishings stores) that can be moved out of the way after the work day. A flexible wire shelf unit installed along one wall can hold supplies, such as notebooks, pens and a printer, and you can roll your desk and chair right up against them when it’s time to replace the coffee cup with a glass of wine.
  • Clear out a closet. The closet in a second bedroom can easily house a hideaway office. Install modular wire shelving along the back wall, add a desk and some extra interior lighting and keep your office behind closed doors. A rolling desk chair or a balance ball can provide comfy seating, and a small bookcase can easily accommodate files or surplus supplies.
  • Go for invisible. In the living room, you can create a low-profile office with a glass topped, Lucite or acrylic desk that won’t dominate the space. Even go for a slimline desk you can spray paint to blend in with the wall behind it and use existing bookshelves in the room to hold your printer and supplies.
  • Use a room divider. Carve out a corner of your living room or bedroom for a small but usable office and conceal it from view whenever you wish. With a stylish, standing room divider or a curtained “wall” strung onto a rod with shower hooks,  you can span the width of the space as you desire.